Scout is a student-run design studio that doesn’t let “student” stand in the way of high-quality and high-impact work. During my 4 years at Northeastern, I had the great honor of working in Scout as a designer, project manager, conference creative director, and CEO.

Below details my work redesigning the website and refreshing the brand design.

web design, branding

Project completed in Spring 2016


Our site hadn’t been touched since its creation in 2014 and had an inconsistent flow that made it difficult for our differing audiences (students, prospective clients, university members) to find the information they needed. We started by creating unique personas and their objectives. This allowed us to create a sitemap that hit all of the touchpoints we were missing before.


Brand Mapping

To get a better sense of our studio’s model, we created a brand map that helped us clarify our brand’s promise and mission. As an exercise, we examined all of our past event posters and compared what felt most like our voice and what strayed too far from it.


These activities allowed us to clarify our mission of providing a supportive design community to the Northeastern community, and allowed us to continue designing in a way that advocated accessibility and value.


Buried in our old brand book was a beautiful font we had mostly ignored: Sentinel. I proposed to reinstate it as Scout’s cooler sister to our primary typeface Brix Sans.


Scout is unique binary of designers and developers and we needed a type relationship that embraced that duality.


But we also needed to embrace the fact that we are full-time students — balancing work with four other studio courses with a Dunkin in one hand and a tablet in the other. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. This led to the playful and airy “Scout Sprinkles” that adorn each page. Some are off balance and some are loud and some are colorful — but they all represent us.


Check out the live site here.