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I believe the best work is born from constraints, and no obstacle feels more defeating than the attack on women’s rights that this country faces each day. In a campaign design class at Northeastern University, I worked on a social cause campaign in the afterlight of the election that provides actionable steps for demoralized women to get involved with local government. First we marched, and now we run.

campaign design, branding, photography

Project competed in Spring 2016


Now We Run is a social cause campaign to encourage more women to run for political office in their local communities. It was inspired by feelings of helplessness after the presidential election. I asked myself: what can we the people do when those in power do not represent us?


My solution?

Empower women to be their own representation.

At the time of the project’s completion, Ayanna Pressley was serving as Boston’s City Councilor at Large. She is now representing Massachusetts in Congress.


The timeline of this project coincided closely with the Boston Women’s March, and my print material was heavily influenced by this demonstration. All photographs in the posters were taken by me during the event and given a duotone treatment to evoke vintage aesthetics from the early women’s empowerment movements.


using education for inspiration

A large chunk of my print collaterial was focused on educating the public about local political positions. I selected prominent Boston women in politics and showcased the work they’ve done in the community.


To ease the dull perception of local office positions, I created cheeky inspiration pieces that aim to change the stigma around women in politics including the following pin set.