emergence capital

Venture capital can be a cold place. When Emergence came to the Upstatement team, they were searching for ways to convey their core values and genuine warmth in a time of cut-throat competition. They don’t invest in companies—they invest in people. We strived to show the partners behind each portfolio company.

web design, web development, branding

Project completed in Summer 2018


Work done in collaboration with Ali Aas, senior designer; Tito Bottitta, creative director; and Bea Huang, senior engineer at Upstatement.


Illustrating warmth with illustrations

With a portfolio of companies like Box, Salesforce, and Zoom, it is clear both the Emergence team and each company approach the tech industry with a certain craft. An art. We captured that culture by commissioning illustrations of each CEO they back to allow them to rise to the front.



As the project progressed, it became important to update the mark to reflect the softer and refined new look. In keeping with their philosophy, I led the redesign of the logo to be strong without being distracting, allowing the more dynamic page elements to shine.